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For Wildland Firefighters...a Lifetime of Learning




Self-Development Plan

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No matter how long you work in the wildland fire service, being a successful firefighter means being a student of fire. Along your career path you will have many opportunities to learn. A complete leadership development process will include formal training, challenging field experiences, and your own self-directed learning efforts.

Use the table below as a guide for starting your self-development plan worksheet.

Leadership Level Development Goals

Follower/Aspiring Leader

Takes responsibility for personal actions and decisions

Becomes competent in basic job skills

Takes initiative and learns from others

Asks questions and develops their communication skills

New Leader
Accepts responsibility, not only for their own actions, but for those of their team

Understands organizational structures (ICS and agency)

Demonstrates proficiency in job skills as a leader

Asks questions in order to learn from others

Establishes a relationship with a mentor

Leader of People
Demonstrates expertise in job skills

Develops credibility and reputation

Develops own ideas

Mentors New Leaders

Leader of Leaders
Demonstrates breadth of experience

Provides direction in situations with significant consequence

Shares ideas for the broader organization

Mentors Leaders of People

Leader of Organizations
Influences organizational decisions

Anticipates and plans for future operations

Mentors promising Leaders of Leaders for key roles in the organization

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