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  Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)




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The use of Standard Operating Procedures by you as a leader will provide several benefits. First, the your intent will be communicated to all individuals on the crew or within the unit. Second, SOPs provide consistency in the way you provide guidance as a leader. Third, SOPs provide subordinate employees with the desired end state and allow them to use their discretion if decisions need to be made. SOPs provide leaders the framework to conduct business safely by allowing them to focus on critical decisions instead of routine ones thus enhancing their decision making ability in stressful situations. Finally, SOPs provide a mechanism to identify needed changes, implement agency policy, enhance training, describe desired performance, and evaluate operational performance. The result is improved operational efficiency, greater accountability, and increased safety.

Key Items in the Development, Implementation and Evaluation of SOPs
  1. Task Analysis
  2. Developing the SOP
  3. Writing the SOP
  4. Implementing the SOP
  5. Training Needs Assessment
  6. Training Scheduling and Administration
  7. Evaluation
SOP Guide

Developing Standard Operating Procedures in Wildland Fire Management



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